2D Assistant Animator/Clean Up Artist 

This showreel is protected. Please contact me directly for the password. 

Otherwise, I have listed below a few projects that I have worked on as an Assistant Animator and/or Clean Up Artist.

2D Assistant Animator (& Clean Up Artist) 
Notable Experience

2D Assistant Animator

Love, Death & Robots 'Zima Blue'

2D Assistant Animator/Clean Up on Gorillaz - Humility

Scene examples worked on:

2D @ 0:22, 0:28, 0:30, 2:56

Ace @ 1:33

Russel @ 2:49, 2:51, 2:52, 2:53

2D Assistant Animator on Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)

Scene examples worked on:

Russel @ 1:37

Russel @ 2:15

Noodle @ 2:53

2D @ 4:00

Noodle @ 4:25

2D Lead Assistant Animator on BBC FIFA World Cup 2018 Launch Trailer

('Making Of' below)

2D Assistant Animator on Elton John - Rocket Man

Scene examples worked on:

Children @ 0:37

Rocket Man transition into Family @ 1:22

Man @ 3:16 - 3:27

2D Assistant Animator on Gorillaz - Pandora

2D Clean Up Artist on

Simon's Cat - Off to the Vet

Scene examples worked on:

Dining Room scene @ 5:52 (Full scene - also released as a separate You Tube film - Box Clever)

Vet Waiting Room scene @ 8:06 (Simon and Cat characters only)

2D Clean Up Artist on

Simon's Cat - Pug Life

Lead Clean Up Artist

2D Clean Up Artist on

Simon's Cat - Pizza Cat

Lead Clean Up Artist

2D Clean Up Artist on

Simon's Cat - Butterflies

Lead Clean Up Artist